Women in the Nordic energy sector

21. november 2017 - 11:00 til 22. november 2017 - 13:00

Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic Energy Research invites you to a seminar on gender balance in energy research in the Nordic countries.

Some main topics to be discussed at seminar:
1. What is the state of affairs for gender balance in energy research in the Nordic countries – both statistically and how it is perceived? Is it a topic that is discussed or accepted as an issue? Is the gender inequality in the energy sector due to too few women employees, or the inability to attract women to the sector?
2. What is being done in the Nordic countries to encourage more women to enter technical education and continue into energy research sectors? Are there obstacles for women to continue towards higher positions in academia, industry or government?
3. Which measures could be implemented to improve the situation nationally and what would be the benefits of a joint Nordic approach? How can women navigate through a predominately male environment to reach higher levels?
4. What are the expectations for the future? Are improvements expected?

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