A European Strategy for Gender Equality: Combating Discrimination in the Workplace and Beyond

22. juni 2016 - 10:00 til 16:30

Sted: Brussel
Arrangør: Public Policy Exchange

Omtale: Gender equality is a fundamental right recognised by the Treaty of Rome in 1957 as well as by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The promotion of gender equality is therefore not only essential from a human rights perspective, but also makes sense from an economic viewpoint. It means equal access to resources, as well as empowerment and visibility of both women and men in all spheres of public and private life.

In order to reinforce the continuous work made so far, the European Commission released in December 2015 a Strategic Engagement for Gender Equality 2016-2019 which sets the framework for the Commission’s future work towards the promotion of gender equality. The Council of Europe, through its Europe Gender Equality Strategy (2014-2017) has also set guidelines that will lead the activities of the organisation towards its ambitious achievements.

Delegates will:

  • Share comparative knowledge on gender-based discrimination, violence and harassment by raising awareness of current challenges in Europe
  • Explore innovative solutions to fight the causes of gender inequalities at work and beyond
  • Promote measures to enhance the potential of women entrepreneurs

Lenke: http://www.publicpolicyexchange.co.uk/events/GF22-PPE2