Most read in 2023: Racism and Sámi languages in higher education

The article about a new plan against racism at Østfold University College was the most popular one last year.

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Check out our most read news articles and resource sites from 2023. (Illustration: iStockphoto)

The most read news articles (in English) deal with topics such as racism, Sámi language in higher education and how we lack knowledge about class divides in academia. The need for regular surveys on sexual harassment and action plans were also among the topics in the most read stories last year.

1. New plan against racism is in the works

The Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfold University College is now writing its first plan against racism. "Although this is new in Norway, I hope that the rest of the university college and more academic institutions will follow suit," says Thomas Prestø.

2. “Without our university, there wouldn’t have been any Sámi-speaking teachers”

Sámi University of Applied Sciences is the main supplier of Sámi-speaking teachers to schools in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia. The majority are women, but an increasing number of men are also applying, according to Rector Laila Susanne Vars.

3. We lack knowledge about class divides in academia

“Social background affects whether you take higher education, what you study, the grades you get, and whether or not you finish your education. But little is known about how social class affects academic careers,” says researcher Thea Strømme.

4. Wants regular surveys of sexual harassment

Now is the time for a new survey of sexual harassment in the sector, according to the KIF Committee. This was one of the comments made by Ragnhild Hennum, the KIF chair and Dean, when she participated in the Ministry of Culture and Equality's input meeting.

5. Never have there been so many equality plans but who ensures their quality?

Nowadays, most universities, university colleges and research institutes have action plans for equality. Institutions have responsibility for the content and quality of their action plans, says the Ministry of Education and Research.

Top three resource sites

In addition to Kifinfo’s news magazine, we present statistics, measures on gender balance and ethnic diversity in research and more on the website (in Norwegian and in English).

Our top three resource sites from 2023 are:

  1. Action plans for equality and diversity: On this site we present policy instruments and criteria for equality and a list of the Norwegian higher education institutions' action plans.
  2. Statistics on gender balance and diversity: This page contains statistics from Statistics Norway on gender balance and diversity in higher education and in the research sector.
  3. Harassment: On these pages we focus primarily on sexual harassment and employer's duties and notification systems at universities and university colleges.