About the KIF committee and Kifinfo

Kifinfo is a resource for those who work for an improved gender balance and diversity in the research sector, and those who are interested in issues on gender equality and diversity in science. The website was launched in 2005 on assignment for Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research.

The Committee’s mandate is to support and give recommendations on measures that contribute to mainstreaming of gender equality and diversity work in the institutions in the university and college sector and in the research institute sector, and thus promote gender equality and diversity.

The KIF Committee

The Committee’s chair and deputy chair raise strategic issues of gender balance and diversity in research.

Ragnhild Hennum. (Photo: University of Oslo)

Ragnhild Hennum, committee chair
Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
E-mail: r.h.hennum@jus.uio.no

Ole Jacob Sending. (Photo: NUPI)

Ole Jacob Sending, committee deputy chair
Research Director, Norwegian Institute of international affairs
E-mail: ojs@nupi.no

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The committee's secretariat resides at the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions. The secretariat counsels academic institutions, arranges seminars and works with advocacy.


Ella Ghosh. (Photo: Aron Bræstrup Løsnes / UHR)

Ella Ghosh
Senior advisor
Mail: ella.ghosh@uhr.no
Twitter: @Ghost_Ella
+47 94 17 10 47

Heidi Holt Zachariassen. (Photo: Aron Bræstrup Løsnes / UHR)

Heidi Holt Zachariassen
Senior advisor
Mail: heidi.holt.zachariassen@uhr.no
Twitter: @ZachariassenH
+47 92 45 66 46


The Kifinfo web site is developed by Kilden genderresearch.no. Kifinfo conveys news, research and tools on gender balance and diversity in research on assignment from the KIF committee.

Mail: kifinfo@kilden.forskningsradet.no
Twitter: @kifinfo
Facebook: @kifinfo.no

Kristin Aukland. (Photo: Marte Garmann)

Kristin Aukland
Senior advisor
+47 95 12 14 86

Vibeke Hoem. (Photo: Marte Garmann)

Vibeke Hoem
Senior advisor
+47 99 72 15 33