Most read in 2017

Are you interested in male gender quotas, diversity management or why the Danes are at the bottom in gender equality in the Nordic region? Check out our top ten most read news articles.

We have summarised our top ten news stories from 2017. Read them below. (Illustration: iStockphoto)

Most read articles in English from last year are about what the new diversity statistics can tell us about the state of affairs in Norwegian academia, a new guide introducing tools for gender balance and diversity, a podcast about good leadership and many more.

Top ten stories from 2017 are:


Thanks to observers, committees gave more money to women

There was something peculiar about the discussions when research grants were being awarded, according to the committee chair. Something did not feel right. Then the Swedish Research Council began sending observers to the meetings.


New guide for gender equality and diversity

KIF has presented universities and university colleges with a practical tool to use in their restructuring efforts to ensure gender balance and diversity.


Diversity statistics raise new questions

The percentage of immigrants and people with an immigrant background has increased in all position categories and subject areas in Norwegian research. This is one of the findings from the first official diversity statistics for academia.


The Danes at the bottom in gender equality

They have the worst track record in the Nordic region when it comes to gender balance in academia. What is it with Denmark?


New statistics: “More research needed on barriers for immigrants”

The vast majority of ethnic minorities in Norwegian academia are mobile researchers who have moved here to work in an academic position.


Male gender quotas denied

Both the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen are hoping that the Gender Equality Act will be amended. It is the only way they will get their wish to use gender quotas to admit men to professional studies in psychology.


Curt Rice: “Better research with diversity and gender balance”

Gender equality as an advantage in the increasingly tough international competition for research funding will be one of the topics at the KIF Committee’s conference on gender equality and diversity in Nordic research. The conference will be held in November.


What is diversity management?

A good diversity manager views differences as a resource, and is aware that employees may need adaptations, according to a Norwegian researcher.


"Not a one-man job"

The Research Council of Norway wants more women at the helm of the Centres of Excellence. But the centres themselves are afraid of losing the competition for funding if they choose a female director.


Podcast: Can good leadership solve academia's gender and diversity problems?

Ever wondered what it takes to achieve a gender balanced and diverse staff? In academia, the most knowledge-intensive sector in society, the answers are hard to find. In this podcast, the experts discuss barriers and offer solutions.