Most read in 2022: Class, equality and inclusion in academia

The article about class as an invisible difference in academia was the most popular one last year. Check out our most read stories from 2022.

Check out our most read news articles and resource sites from 2022. (Illustration: iStockphoto)

The most read news articles (in English) deal with topics such as gender and publication, inclusion in academia and a film series about action plans for equality.

Top five stories from 2022 are:

1. “Class is an invisible difference in academia”

How common is it to be a first-generation academic in Norway? According to researchers in the field, we do not know, because there is so little research on social backgrounds in academia.

2. KIF Committee launches film series: Action plans for equality

Why is it a good idea to draw up action plans for gender equality and diversity, and how should one do it? Learn more in these new films.

3. Research debunks myth about women’s low publication output

New light has been shed on the long-held myth that female researchers have a publishing problem. It now appears clear that publishing points are far more a matter of one’s academic field and position level, not gender.

4. From gender equality to inclusion

How will gender equality efforts in the research sector evolve as we take more and more groups into consideration?

5. Foreign researchers improve gender balance

“We didn’t think that international recruitment would influence the gender balance in academia in favour of more women in senior positions, but we were wrong,” says researcher Kaja Wendt.

Top three resource sites

In addition to Kifinfo’s news magazine, we present statistics, measures on gender balance and ethnic diversity in research and more on the website (in Norwegian and in English).

Our top three resource sites from 2022 are:

1. Action plans for equality and diversity: On this site we present policy instruments and criteria for equality and a list of the Norwegian higher education institutions' action plans.

2. Statistics on gender balance and diversity: This page contains statistics from Statistics Norway on gender balance and diversity in higher education and in the research sector.

3. Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research (KIF) 2022–2025: The site about the KIF Committee presents their mandate, members and publications.