Most read articles in 2020

The top five news articles in 2020 deal with topics such as sexual harassment, discrimination, COVID-19's effect on scientific productivity, and new EU demands for gender equality plans.

Check out our top five most read news articles in 2020. (Illustration: iStockphoto)

The most read news articles at Kifinfo last year were about the impact of COVID-19 on gender distribution in academic publishing, about discrimination in academia, and the lack of sexual harassment measures in Europe.

Also, on the top five list is the opinion by Curt Rice and Heidi Holt Zachariassen, including their recommendations for research organizations applying to Horizon Europe, the EU’s research funding programme.

Top five stories from 2020 are:

1. Fewer publications from women researchers after COVID-19

The COVID-19 measures in place appear to affect the productivity of women researchers more than men. According to a Danish research analyst, immediate steps to reverse this trend are needed.

2. Women publish more than people think

The assumption that male academics publish more than their female colleagues is deeply ingrained. But new analysis shows that much of the difference vanishes if you dig into the numbers.

3. No discrimination against women whose CVs are as good as men’s

According to a recent study, women and men have equal chances to move up professionally in academia as a whole. There are, however, a number of systematic differences.

4. Europe lacks sexual harassment measures and research

Research on sexual harassment in academia is poorly developed and there are few measures in place to combat the harassment itself. The Nordic countries are no exception. So concludes a new European study.

5. Opinion: EU demands gender equality plan before granting funds

Beginning next year, a research organization applying to Horizon Europe will need to have a gender equality plan to be eligible for funding. But Heidi Holt Zachariassen and Curt Rice of Norway’s KIF committee wonder if that will be enough to achieve real change that is inclusive for all.