The top five most read news articles in 2021 deal with topics such as COVID-19, recruitment and internationalization. (Illustration: iStockphoto)

Most read articles in 2021

Check out our top five most read news articles about COVID-19, the recruitment of top researchers, foreign researchers in Norway and a technology professor with two gender equality awards.
January 7, 2022

The top five stories from 2021 are:

1. Institutions are hiring more foreign researchers, but how do they fare?

“My impression is that many PhD students and post-docs get used as workhorses on research projects,” says a former employee representative for researchers.

2. Committees hiring top researchers lose sight of gender balance and diversity

How do we ensure that the best candidate for a professorship is hired, while still securing gender balance and diversity? A new study shows how committees that hire professors struggle to meet different expectations.

3. Immigrants make up a third of Norway’s research personnel

But the vast majority of them are foreign researchers. Immigrants educated in Norway and descendants of immigrants are underrepresented in Norwegian academia, new statistics show.

4. Technology professor wins two gender equality awards

“I felt that now I need to give something back,” says Letizia Jaccheri. She was named this year’s ODA Awards Woman and recently won a gender equality award at NTNU.

5. The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on academia

The pandemic shut down most of society, including the university and university college sector. Researchers with young children as well as teaching duties and research to conduct have been squeezed the hardest, according to recent research.

Top five resource sites

As well as the news magazine, the website Kifinfo presents statistics and measures on gender balance and ethnic diversity in research, action plans, Norwegian anti-discrimination laws and regulations and more.  

Our top five resource sites from 2021 are:

1. Statistics on gender balance and diversity

2. Action plans for equality and diversity

3. Committee for Gender Balance and Diversity in Research (KIF) 2018-2021

4. Measures for ethnic diversity

5. Legislation

Diversity report:
The authors of a new report suggest that research institutions must take more responsibility for building an inclusive work community.
September 27, 2022
A new report has identified trends and knowledge gaps in Norwegian scientific publications on gender equality and diversity in research and innovation. According to the report, it is not a given that measures aimed at gender equality are also effective when it comes to ethnic diversity.
September 12, 2022
Over half of all female doctoral students have experienced unwanted sexual attention, reveals a new report from Sweden.
August 30, 2022
Not everyone should take higher education, but every person should have equal rights to education. We need to keep those two ideas in our minds at the same time, believes political scientist Ingvild Reymert.
August 17, 2022
Organizations from 21 countries recently came together under a new project to promote gender equality in European research policy.
June 23, 2022