New guide for gender equality and diversity

KIF has presented universities and university colleges with a practical tool to use in their restructuring efforts to ensure gender balance and diversity.

The new guide from The KIF Committee is a practical tool in gender equality efforts. (Illustration: Stephen Di Donato/

The research sector is undergoing major restructuring and a number of universities and university colleges have merged. The KIF Committee has prepared a guide to keep gender balance and diversity foremost in our minds.

Rectors agree with the KIF Committee that gender equality efforts must not be sacrificed, even though the institutions are dealing with major restructuring processes and intense time pressure. In fact, restructuring entails an opportunity to increase gender equality; the merged institutions can build a new structure and culture that promotes gender equality and diversity in a better way.

This guide is the committee’s contribution to explaining how gender equality can be integrated into large organizations. Specific advice and good examples are presented, and the guide contains the committee’s arguments for why gender balance and ethnic diversity are important, and why mergers and restructuring processes in particular create an opportunity for change.

“The guide will serve as a reminder and a guidepost for everyone working with restructuring processes,” Anna L. Ottosen, Rector at Hedmark University College, has said to Kifinfo.

Using restructuring to promote gender equality and diversity – a guide for the research sector was launched in Norwegian in January. Now it is available in English: reader-friendly version and printer-friendly version.

Contact the KIF secretariat to order a printed copy of the guide.

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