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Washington Post
February 15, 2016
Male students assumed their male classmates knew more about course material than female students — even if the young women earned better grades.
Washington Post
February 10, 2016
Women Also Know Stuff. Does that sound obvious? It’s not, alas. We’re a group of political scientists who started that website when, as we consumed media reports on politics, we noted a gaping absence of … well, women.
The Guardian
January 29, 2016
A groundbreaking study identifies significant disparities in life chances among UK students.
EuroScientist journal
January 26, 2016
How does explicit and implicit bias affect gender balance in academia?
Times Higher Education
January 20, 2016
University of Reading research finds link between undergraduate satisfaction and ethnicity of lecturers.
Times Higher Education
January 20, 2016
A paper argues that China’s one-child policy helped women to break into higher education. With the demise of the policy, could female progress go into reverse?
January 6, 2016
Nearly everyone agrees that science has a gender problem. But the size of the gap depends on the area of science.