Virtual book-launch for: Gendered Academic Citizenship

23 March 2021 - 4:30pm to 6:15pm

Virtual (Zoom)

You are cordially invited to the virtual book-launch for: Gendered Academic Citizenship: Issues and Experiences.

The book proposes the framework of gendered academic citizenship to investigate the complex dynamics of power relations and subtle processes of inclusion/exclusion; recognition/denigration in the contemporaryacademic context. The different chapters of the book offer original insights into gendered patterns across different national and institutional contexts.

Sevil Sümer, Pat O’Connor and Nicky Le Feuvre will present the key concept of the book: “gendered academic citizenship” and the other contributors will briefly present their chapters. Birte Siim and Beatrice Halsaa will participate with comments. Elisabeth L. Fürst will reflect on being a pioneer in the field. Ann Nilsen will chair the whole event.

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