Sexism in Higher Education and Research: Book Launch

04 Nov


On Friday 2 October 2020, an e-mail went out from a group of 16 initiators to the entire Danish Academic sector, with an open invitation to sign the petition "Sexism at Danish Universities". Six days later, 689 signatures and more than 800 testimonies had been collected, with some of them made public in the newspaper, Politiken.

In honour of the many testimonies sent to the mailbox, as well as the numerous instances of those who reached out to members of the group of initiators personally, beyond the mailbox input, the group of initiators decided to use the stories collected to produce a website containing knowledge and resources to not just show the scope of the problem, but also to act upon it. Complementing the website is a book which is freely available in its preliminary version: Sexism in Danish Higher Education and Research.

The complete version will be ready on Thursday 4 November 2021. To mark the launch of the book, Copenhagen Business School invite everyone interested.

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