INSPIRE Conference: Inclusive Gender Equality in R&I

05 Oct

Place: Budapest, Hungary

INSPIRE invites to the conference «Inclusive Gender Equality in Research & Innovation: Creating Knowledge for Systematic and Sustainable Structural Change».

Since the publication of the ETAN report in 2000 by the European Commission, much research has been devoted to understanding the reasons for and the consequences of the underrepresentation of women in research.  

From 2012 onwards, enacting institutional change through gender equality plans has been the preferred strategy to tackle gender inequalities in research careers, decision-making (boards and leadership positions) as well as integrating the gender dimension in research content and teaching. Dedicated funding has been provided to over 200 research performing and research funding organisations through over 30 projects of consortia with on average 6 or 7 organisations working together with an overall budget of over EU 72 million (European Commission 2021).  

The INSPIRE conference, which will take place in Budapest on the 5-6 October, aims to reach out to those experts, practitioners and researchers responsible for developing gender equality plans (GEPs), particularly for those grappling with the shift to more inclusive, intersectional GEPs. 

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