Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2024

06 Mar

Place: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Advance HE invites to a two-day conference on best practice in addressing issues of equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education (HE). Includes keynotes from senior leaders and EDI experts.

With a focus on exploring these questions, this conference offers:

  • An opportunity to think deeply and creatively about how we can build our learning on equity, diversity and inclusion to draw on the widest range of thinking and practice, including marginalised voices, new ways of learning, and learning from outside of higher education.
  • A chance to share what we are doing to disrupt traditional understanding of scholarship and scholars/expertise and experts, and to challenge structures and processes that limit career opportunities.
  • A platform to share new ideas that will stimulate our thinking about equity, diversity and inclusion – inviting people to share our insights, as well as learning from those who do likewise.

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