24th Gender Summit

22 May

Online event

Invitation to the 24th Gender Summit (GS24): Uniting the values of scientific excellence and social progress in knowledge, practice and communication.

The aim of GS24 is to celebrate the positive changes that have taken place since the first Gender Summit in 2011 and, from the perspective of its theme, to examine where additional improvements are needed.  

The GS24 Partnership includes Portia, the German Research Foundation (DFG), Elsevier, and Elsevier Foundation, National Science Foundation (NSF), Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ), Institute of Gender and Health - Canadian Institutes of Health Research (IGH-CIHR), University of Ottawa, and Canadian Science Policy Centre (CSPC).

The key topics include:
• Strategies and actions to advance equality, diversity, and inclusion in the science knowledge ecosystem
• Strategies for achieving transformative outcomes
• Equity for women in science today: conclusions from a deep dive into research evidence
• Innovations in science knowledge-making
• Systematising representations of intersectionality dimensions in research studies
• Optimising the benefits of diversifying science knowledge-making practice
• Successful efforts by science institutions to recruit, retain and advance women and minorities
• Science leaders’ reflections on a decade of institutional efforts to advance gender equality and diversity in science

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