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Her oppdaterer vi jevnlig med aktuelle nasjonale og internasjonale konferanser, kurs og seminarer.



Careers in Astrophysics

Dato: 18.-19. september
Sted: København, Danmark
Arrangør: Nordic Network for Early Career Researchers in Astrophysics

Omtale: Life without tenure can be challenging in so many ways. This lunch-to-lunch workshop will take a look at several topics that can or should concern you, if you are a post-doc. Which career options does an astrophysicist have? What is the best strategy for securing a permanent position? How can I learn to become a better scientist? When can I start a family? Should I stay in academia?

There will be a mixture of talks, moderated discussions and group work. And time for social networking! We will hear from someone recently getting that permanent hire, someone deeply concerned about university careers and gender, someone from the interface of science and engineering, someone balancing family and career ambitions, someone bringing scientists and potential employers closer, and from each other.

This workshop is aimed at post-docs in astrophysics working in the Nordic countries. Applications from late-stage Ph.D. students, post-docs from neighbouring fields, and those based outside the Nordic countries will be considered if there is space.
Lenke: http://dark.nbi.ku.dk/calendar/calendar2014/nordic_workshop/

Women in Science Symposium

Dato: 26. september
Sted: Cambridge, England
Arrangør: Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

Omtale: As part of its 60th Anniversary celebrations, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, is holding a ‘Women in Science' symposium on Friday 26th September 2014. This research-based event will focus on three key areas around women in STEM subjects; female participation in STEM in schools, the Undergraduate experience of women in STEM and the value of STEM in the labour market.

This symposium will feature keynote speakers, including Professor Dame Athene Donald, Lord Browne and Dr Maggie Alderin-Pocock, and panel discussions to provide a unique platform for researchers and key stakeholders to engage with the academic debate around this issue and to identify key research areas, as well as taking discussion forward on what can be done in practice. In each case, the research findings will be complemented by views from practitioners (e.g. teachers and students) on their experience and their practical approaches to how we make a difference.
Lenke: http://www.murrayedwards.cam.ac.uk/about/womeninscience


Nordic Fields of Higher Education Conference: Nordic model at times of crisis – what is at stake?

Dato: 8.-9. oktober
Sted: Oslo, Norge
Arrangør: The Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU)

Omtale: The core question for the conference is: What do we really know about the Nordic model for higher education? Read more about the conference theme here.

The conference marks the end of a Nordforsk funded project/network “Nordic Fields of Higher Education” by highlighting key findings and results from the project. The presenters include network members who have worked in these topics as well as selected external high quality scholars. The conference will be organised around sessions that focus on one or more of the following four topics:

  • Recruitment and social structures of higher education in the Nordic countries
  • Dropout and study progression in Nordic higher education
  • Organizational features (processes of change) of Nordic higher education systems
  • Transitions from upper secondary education to higher education

Lenke: http://www.nifu.no/en/nfhe/

Seminar om kjønn i akademia – en casestudie av et dansk universitet

Dato: 21. oktober
Sted: Stavanger, Norge
Arrangør: Nettverk for kjønnsforskning

Omtale: Akademia er et av de arbeidssteder som fortsatt opplever kjønnsubalanse i Danmark: langt flere menn enn kvinner ender i professorstillinger, og tekniske og humanistiske fagområder domineres fortsatt av henholdsvis menn og kvinner. Hva betyr denne ubalansen for de som jobber i akademia? Doktorgradsstipendiat Maria Dockweiler legger frem utkast til en artikkel med arbeidstittelen «Gender in Academia – a case study of a Danish University». Studiet er basert på intervju med 10 forskere på et dansk universitetet, med utgangspunkt i om og hvordan kjønn spiller en rolle i hverdagen som forsker. Artikkelen sendes ut til deltakere i god tid innen seminaret.
For påmelding, send e-post til: maria.dockweiler@uis.no
Les om Nettverk for kjønnsforskning

Integrering av kjønnsperspektiver i forskning – status og resultater

Dato: 23. oktober
Sted: Oslo, Norge
Arrangør: Senter for tverrfaglig kjønnsforskning, Universitetet i Oslo

Omtale: I anledning det årlige nasjonale kontaktmøtet og fagrådsmøte i kjønnsforskning inviterer vi til et dialogmøte mellom sentrale aktører i Forskningsrådet og kjønnsforskningsmiljøet. Seminaret setter søkelys på Forskningsrådets målsetting om å integrere kjønnsperspektiver i forskning. Hvordan gjøres det? Hvor langt har Forskningsrådet kommet med sin ambisjon om å integrere kjønnsperspektiver i forskning ved opprettelse av nye programmer og satsinger?
Lenke: http://www.stk.uio.no/forskning/aktuelt/arrangementer/...

16th International Conference for Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES16) 2014

Dato: 24.-25. oktober
Sted: Los Angeles, California, USA
Arrangører: The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the International Network of Women Engineers (INWES)

Omtale: The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the International Network of Women Engineers (INWES) have joined forces to host the 16th International Conference for Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES16), to be held in Los Angeles, California from October 23-25, 2014.

This international conference, which has been held almost every three years since 1964, attracts engineers and scientists from all over the world, providing a unique opportunity to exchange information on their work, careers and efforts to encourage the effective participation of women in all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in their country and worldwide.

They anticipate more than 6,500 women from around the world will participate to exchange ideas on the following three themes:

  1. Inventions, research and achievements in the various fields of engineering, science and technology.
  2. New ideas and solutions to contemporary problems including climate change, energy and sustainability.
  3. Attracting, developing, promoting and retaining women engineers and scientists.

Lenke: http://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/events/...

Gender and Migration in Different Tracks of Higher Education

Dato: 31. oktober-1. november
Sted: Zollikofen, Sveits
Arrangører: Research Committee Gender Studies, Swiss Sociological Association, Women’s and Gender Studies, German Sociological Association and the section on Feminist Theory and Gender Studies, Austrian Sociological Association.                   

Omtale: Higher education faces increasing trends of internationalization. A growing part of the faculty at universities (US) and universities of applied science (UAS) has an international background. In parallel the number of students with foreign nationality or a migration background has risen within the last decades. Although much less is known about the situation in higher professional training and education (PET)- a form of higher education widespread in the German-speaking countries – it is likely that PET also faces a growing number of students with migration experiences.

Up to date, little is known about whether and how trends of internationalization in higher education affect social inequality. This holds in particular regrading educational opportunities for young men and women with a migration background and/or foreign nationality and degrees earned abroad.

Please send proposals for oral presentations to:
Irene Kriesi: irene.kriesi@ehb-schweiz.ch
Abstracts (max. 400 words) should be written in English and include a clear description of the research question, theoretical framework, data, analytical strategy and -if already available- main findings. The deadline for submission is 30 April 2014. The conference language will be English. All abstracts will be peer reviewed.
Lenke: http://www.ehb-schweiz.ch/en/researchanddevelopment/...



Dato: 5. november
Sted: Stockholm, Sverige
Arrangør: Universitets- och högskolerådet

Omtale: Jämställdhetskonferensen är ett led i Universitets- och högskolerådets regeringsuppdrag att sprida resultaten av de projekt som finansierats av Delegationen för jämställdhet i högskolan.

Konferensdagen kommer att innehålla presentationer och diskussioner av både hinder för och goda exempel på hur man med olika metoder och på olika nivåer kan arbeta med jämställdhet på lärosätena. Konferensen riktar sig till beslutsfattare från skola till högskola, aktiva i myndigheter och intresseorganisationer inom utbildningsområdet, likabehandlingsansvariga, jämställdhetsansvariga och andra intresserade.
Lenke: http://www.uhr.se/Om-UHR/Konferenser/Jamstalldhetskonferens/

Seksualisering, trakassering og kultur for likestilling

Dato: 12. november
Sted: Oslo, Norge
Arrangør: Senter for tverrfaglig kjønnsforskning, Universitetet i Oslo

Omtale: Kan seksualiserende språk og omgangsformer opprettholdes om en ønsker en kultur for likestilling? Hva slags ny kunnskap finnes om seksualisering og trakassering i forskjellige sammenhenger?

På dette seminaret samler vi forskere som har jobbet med seksualiserende språkbruk og omgangsformer i både yrkeskulturer, ungdomskulturer og subkulturer. Ut fra denne nye forskningen diskuterer vi hvordan seksualisering og trakassering er knyttet sammen, og hvilke tiltak som finnes for å håndtere seksuell trakassering.
Lenke: http://www.stk.uio.no/forskning/aktuelt/arrangementer/...

Achieving equality: transforming the higher education culture

Dato: 17.-18. november
Sted: Liverpool, England
Arrangør: Equality Challenge Unit

Omtale: How do we transform the culture on campus to make sure our higher education institutions are inclusive, removing barriers to progression and success for all staff and students?

Many universities are undertaking successful equality initiatives and tackling direct discrimination. However, persistent inequalities show there is more work to do to create a wider culture of diversity and transform systemic practices that can unfairly exclude, marginalise or disadvantage individuals. Identifying and changing institutional culture and practices requires strong leadership, innovation and an understanding that equality is an integral part of a university’s mission.

Plenary sessions include:

  • A leader’s rationale for equality in higher education – why equality matters to university leaders, and how they set the tone for the entire institution
  • The latest thinking on alternative and complementary paths to equality – approaches to win hearts and minds
  • Learning internationally – what we can learn from experiences outside of the UK

Lenke: https://registration.livegroup.co.uk/...

NEONdagene 2014 i Stavanger

Dato: 25.-27. november
Sted: Stavanger, Norge
Arrangører: Universitetet i Stavanger, Høgskolen Stord Haugesund, IRIS, Statoil og Petroleumstilsynet

Omtale: NEONdagene 2014 arrangeres i tidsrommet 25-27. november 2014, på Campus Ullandhaug i Stavanger. Årets konferanse sammenfaller med Universitetet i Stavangers 10-årsjubileum og Høgskolen i Stord Haugesunds 20-årsjubileum. Konferansen arrangeres under temaet “Bærekraftig organisering – nye handlingsrom?”

Send inn abstracts!
Det er åpnet for å sende inn abstracts/sammendrag til de planlagte sesjonene. Forslag sendes til sesjonsledere/kontaktperson for den enkelte sesjon, og fristen er satt til 1. september.
En av sesjonene er Kjønn og ledelse i organisasjoner
Lenke: http://rokkan.uni.no/sites/neonnet/neondagene-2014-i-stavanger/



Gendering Science: Women and Men Producing Knowledge

Dato: 4.-6. juni
Sted: Praha, Tsjekkia
Arrangør: National Contact Centre for Women and Science at the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences

Omtale: During the last two centuries, the access of women to higher education has become much easier in most developed countries. At the same time the significant transformations in science and technology have also affected the participation of women in the scientific enterprise as knowledge producers, science managers, and educators. Especially in the last three decades, given the changes in our perception of the role of science and technology in society, scholars have explored different sites of knowledge production and have highlighted the changing roles of both men and women in the sciences.

The task of the conference is to map the historical path of women from equal opportunities in education to the position of knowledge producers, science managers and educators in the light of the gendered transformations of the sciences in the 20th and 21st centuries.
Lenke: http://en.zenyaveda.cz/news/conference-gendering...

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